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Have you played Lego before? No matter how sophisticated our Lego-constructions are, Nature always beats us at it. ...
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2020 Mar. 27th
      Our lab has been featured on Lab Show of Westlake University.
2019 Nov. 1st
     The group went cycling around the Westlake, Hangzhou. Special thanks to Prof. Ikuro Abe and
      Prof. Jeroen Dickschat.

2019 Oct. 15th
      A warm welcome to Dr. Chi Zhang and Dr. Fanzhong Zhang. Excited to have you join the group!

2019 Sep. 1st  
      Welcome Shengling, Zilei, Zhihan, and Cui to the Zhang Lab as founding members!
2020 Aug. 24th
      Welcome Shanchong, Changjun, Yanan and Shunyu to the group. Great science comes from fresh mind!
2021 Aug. 24th
      Welcome Runzhou and Xianxu to the group. Great science comes from fresh mind!
2020 Nov. 24th
      Cui got a job in KELUN Industry Group. Enjoy the farewell party and we wish her all the best in the future!
2021 Jun. 16th
      It was a pleasure to welcome Prof. Xudong Qu from Shanghai Jiao Tong University for academic visit.
      We got some fresh ideas inspired by your wonderful lecture!
2021 Sep. 12th
      First ever Zhang Lab summer retreat!
2021 Feb. 14th
      The lab went to cerebrate Lunar New Year with members who stayed in Westlake.
      We wish everyone a fruitful 2021.
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